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Special Education



Mallory Anderson

Jessica Arnett

Connie Borkowski

Samantha Cato

McKenzie Gay

Ryann Henderson

Brittany Keenan

Belinda Lunceford

Kim Pair

Chaura Ross

Sandra Smith







Lori Larson- Reading Lab

Rebecca Roberts -Science Lab

Jenny Moore- Computer Lab

Krista Lewis-Art

Ken Grebe-Music

Roy Clayton-PE

Cole Sproat-Media Specialist



Holly Kirkpatrick- Target

Diane Searles- Target .5




Debbie Collins-ESOL

Speech/Language Pathologist



Courtney Tomberlain

Karen Parris


Laurel Brown 

Andrea Crouse

Sharon Darby

Regina Duvall

Rebecca Fowler

Karen Gettinger

Kelly Hutchinson

Laura Layde

Cami Lemr

Marie Moon

Adela Prozora

Lori Strickland

Joshua Walker

School Counselors & Support Staff


Missy Monstrola- School Counselor

Lisa Hiers- School Counselor 

Patrick Ball - School Social Worker

Dr. Ilisha Auld- Psychologist


Bonnie Balboa-Occupational Therapist

Jamie Gore- TTIS

Marna Crane- SSA (Support & Services Administrator)

Catherine Brown- Field Services Tech

Food Service


Nicole Chastain - Food Service Mgr.

Delores Allen

Shay Gough

Jessica Harris

Deniece Oehmsen

Susan Short
Britton Stilwell
Staci Young




Laura Lynch- Secretary
Roxana Rowland- Clerk
Janice Towns - Bookkeeper
Mary Weaver - Nurse

Custodial Service

Luis Balawon -

Head Custodian

Steven Dearborn- Custodian

Nedzad Katardzic- Custodian

Muho Prozorac-





Lori Strickland- Director

Yvonne Reid - Account Clerk

Jennifer Sutton -

ASP Bookkeeper


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